Rosa Mystica Ministries mission is to create an environment with a standing vibration of peace, light, love and joy and to invite others into the space to experience that energy.  

"Live in joy, even though you know all the facts."

Bishop Mary Lou Cook 

Bandera, Texas - January 2014

     Planning has its advantages, but we all know what happens to the "best made plans of mice and men". When plans go awry, that is when miracles can be allowed to happen. Many miracles large and small have happened in the last 12 months. From the someday plan of living and traveling in an RV, the perfect RV at the right price appeared in June, and then the perfect vehicle to pair it with. From the failed plan to park the RV in the front yard, four wonderful months were spent in nature at Hidden Valley RV Park in Zuzax, New Mexico. From the unsuccessful plan to keep the house and chapel, to the next plan to sell, to the next plan to rent... to the biggest miracle of all, something more wonderful than I could ever imagine... 

The former Rosa Mystica Chapel and Healing Garden is now home to women and children through a recovery based organization called Oxford House. When the deal came together, swiftly and easily I knew it was as it should be. The work of Rosa Mystica and the positive healing energy of all those who prayed and played there continues in a most wonderful way. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

Richard and I and the three dogs finally left Albuquerque for the first leg of the great adventure on December 11 with plans to travel to Corpus Christi, Texas. When the malfunctioning propane heater encouraged us to stop for a few days, to organize repairs, we ended up by chance in Bandera, Texas. I was driving, Richard was looking at the RV Parks directory, pointed to an ad and asked "How about here?" We liked it so much we signed up for a month. It is a beautiful park, a former ranch, on the banks of the Medina River. Half the land is for the RV's, the rest is left as open space. We are surrounded by huge old live oak trees, spacious campsites, beautiful places to walk and lots of peace and quiet. Herds of wild deer roam freely (drives the dogs crazy) and two longhorn steers and miniature burrows live on the property. 

In a week or so we will head a little further south to the Gulf coast. I will keep you posted as to where we end up. 



     Last spring I signed up to become a Young Living Essential Oils distributor. Although I had known about the oils for some time it wasn't until then that I realized their significance for me and for my ministry. Even before Rosa Mystica Healing Ministries I had been fascinated by the concept of healing with plants and herbs, I just didn't know how. I planted many healing herbs in my garden, but I didn't know how to utilize them. It dawned on me that the Young Living Company had distilled the healing essences of these herbs, bottled them and made them in a form I could use, and better yet, take with me on my travels. 

Since then, amidst all the changes and challenges, I have been learning about and experimenting with the healing properties of the oils. I have had great success using them on myself to treat fibromyalgia, arthritis, insomnia, chronic wrinkles (oh my!), and stress. I have been gradually replacing personal care products such as toothpaste with Young Living products. I have also used the oils to help Richard with his PTSD, anxiety and miscellaneous aches and pains. For more information about essential oils go to

Click on pictures to enlarge: Pictures from left to right:

First row:

    •  Deer herd at RV park in Bandera
    • Longhorn steers, Bandera
    • Bear trap, Hidden Valley Rv Park, Zuzax, NM
    • Fishishing at Conchas Lake, NM
    • Our HOME at Zuzax
    • Living room with snow June 30, 2013
    • The Rosa Mystica Rig

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