Rosa Mystica Ministries began in 2009 with a dream of having a home chapel and a healing herb and rose garden where people could meet and healing could take place. The name, Latin for mystical rose, is another name for Mary the mother of Jesus.

The ministry is inspired by the Christian Mystics; Theresa of Avila, Hildegard of Bingen and Francis of Assisi and also Mary the mother of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. And of course, beloved Master Jesus.

Over the past five years the ministry has undergone radical changes. 

in 2013 the home, chapel and garden were sold and became a group home for recovering women and children. Rev. Carol eventually relocated to Rockport Texas and became an active member of Saint Peter's Episcopal church. Inspired by the natural beauty of the small coastal community and its rich heritage of artistic expression, she re-embraced her lifelong calling to make art and teach artistic expression. 

The ministry thus evolved into one of more personal interactions with those wishing to discover their inner artistic voice and service to her church and to local Al Anon and other community groups.


  • 2009 Creation of the Chapel and beginnings of the Healing Garden. Matrix Energetics Energy Healing group meets regularly. Garden layout planned and beds created.
  • 2010 Disabled veterans hired to work in the garden.Garden walls painted, beds edged, healing herbs planted. First wedding in the garden takes place.
  • 2011 A full schedule of presentations, workshops and classes take place including channeling, shamanic healing, art therapy and general spiritual pursuits.
  • 2012 Rabbi Chavah Carp ( and Rev. Carol co-teach a class on Mysticism. Archbishop Richard Gundrey of the Church of Antioch in Santa Fe celebrates Easter Mass in the chapel.  Rev. Sue Eaton joins in the ministry and begins holding regular Sunday services. Richard Baldonado and service dog Shyla join the ministerial team. Saturday night tree circles and pot luck suppers minister to other disabled veterans and friends.
  • 2013 Rev. Carol and Richard begin to explore the idea of traveling and living in an RV. The idea becomes reality and they spend the summer in their RV in the mountains east of Albuquerque. Rev. Sue discontinues Sunday services as her house/pet sitting business expands. The house which was the physical location of Rosa Mystica Ministries becomes home to recovering mothers and children through a program called Oxford House, Rev. Carol and Richard continue the ministry where ever they are with healing prayer, energy healing, and healing with essential oils.





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