The current ministerial team consists of Rev. Carol and her little angel dog, Poppy. The team is supported by a loving community of friends, family, neighbors, church folk, artists, students and teachers from many walks of life. 

Reverend Carol Frappier grew up in rural Massachusetts, graduated from Gateway Regional High School and the Massachusetts College of Art with a BS Education. She has been a teacher and a practicing artist for most of her adult life. Reverend Carol was always attracted to the religious and spiritual life. She was baptized, confirmed and married in the Roman Catholic Church. Later in life she became a Methodist, and then an Episcopalian and spent six years in the Eglise Reforme de France in Antibes, France. In 2004 she discovered the independent Catholic Church of Antioch in Santa Fe, New Mexico and began taking spiritual direction. On December 25, 2005 she received the "call" to become a priest in the Church of Antioch and started attending Sophia Divinity School. When Rosa Mystica Ministries was born in 2009, Reverend Carol decided to take advantage of the invitation to become an ordained minister in The Eternal Life Church, a church without walls, the Independent Catholic Church of Antioch worldwide, experienced a schism Rev. Carol resigned from Sophia Divinity School and realized her dream to study Hebrew and Jewish spirituality with friend and mentor Rabbi Chavah Carp . In 2013 circumstances and a divine call inspired Rev. Carol to take the ministry on the road with her partner Richard their fur family, Shyla, SuzieQ and Poppy. 


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